All Products - A brief description of some of the new Environmentally Safe Technologies being  introduced by Four Directions Environmental & Agricultural Solutions Corporation - ranging from road construction to agricultural and horticultural areas.
TerraZyme -Safe soil-stabilizing enzymes for road construction wherein the enzyme-treated soil road typically and easily outlasts a much more expensive and problematic asphalt road - at dramatically lower cost.
Liquid Live Micro-Organisms - Safe all purpose water/soil pollution remediation treatment for municipal, agricultural, aquacultural & industrial wastewaters and soils/sludges. 
Paulownia Tree - Horticultural wonder! Fastest growing (hardwood) deciduous tree in the world. Usually harvested for lumber in second year. Produces dazzling, fragrant 3-inch orchid-like flowers the color of sapphires.
Human Growth Hormones - Safe and effective formulation adhering to high scientific standards. Homeopathic support assisting in anabolic stimulation. Proven to deter aging.

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